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Final Rides & Hearses

The vehicle customarily used for transporting a person who has died to his or her final resting place is the classic big black hearse. 

Rolls Hearse Black


There are alternatives to the trad hearse. When it comes to planning that final journey, Brits are incredibly creative and free-spirited. 


If you are arranging the funeral yourself, you may find it difficult to find a mainstream supplier who’ll will be willing to deal with you direct.


If you think a trad hearse too showy and would rather have something more modest, something greener, some funeral directors will offer you an alternative – an estate car, for example, or the vehicle they use for picking up people who have died. Many funeral directors will come over all reluctant if you do, reckoning anything less than a hearse to be less than ‘dignified’. Put your foot down.

The hearse of the future


The Brahms electric hearse scooped the ‘Best Green Funeral Product Award’ at the 2016 Good Funeral Awards ceremony in London in September. The hearse is based on the Nissan Leaf electric car, and has a coffin deck that will carry a 6’10” coffin with ease. A few forward thinking funeral directors have already commissioned a Brahms hearse for their fleet, including Leverton & Sons in London.


David Billington from Yorkshire based Full Circle Funerals, says, “The team at Full Circle are proud to own the only electric Eco-hearse in the north of England. Apart from being a beautifully engineered piece of machinery and a step forward in creating a more environmentally friendly funeral, we really believe that this marks a major turning point in the funeral industry for the better.”


Brahms are introducing an electric hearse Hire Service this autumn to help more Funeral Directors and bereaved families experience their contribution to a more gentle funeral or help create a greener funeral. More details here.

A hearse you can drive yourself

If you would like to be the person who drives the person who has died on their last journey in this world, there is one carriage master who will not only supply you a hearse direct but, also, let you drive it. James Hardcastle at The Carriage Master can bring you a hearse and, if you like, a limousine, wherever you are in the country. Check out his Hearse+ here. His insurance will cover you. Alternatively, if you would like one of his people to drive, they’ll be perfectly happy to do so. 


Contact James Hardcastle at The Carriage Master:


You can, of course, use your own vehicle — or any sort of vehicle.

Find out what else is out there


Find out what alternatives there are. Read this:

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