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Friends of the Bereaved

Large Group of Happy People standing together.


Friends of the Bereaved (FoB) is an as-yet untested community volunteering project designed by the GFG  and offered to you to adopt for your local community.


The purpose of the scheme is to meet the short- and medium-term practical problems confronting bereaved people in the aftermath of a death if those needs are not presently being met by any other agency.


A Friends of the Bereaved group is inspired, above all, by this statement: The death of one of us touches all of us


A Friends of the Bereaved group will promote community engagement and revive, in a 21st century way, the traditions of former times when communities came together to help their bereaved members. It is arguable, now that families tend to be scattered, that the need for community engagement with bereavement is greater than ever.


Here’s an outline of what it looks like in principle : Introducing Friends of the Bereaved

And here’s an outline of what it looks like in practice: Case Studies

Interested in taking it further?

If you’d like to explore the possibility of setting up a Friends of the Bereaved group, here are some documents you will find useful. They have been checked by a senior human resources consultant but will need to be adapted to your circumstances and then checked again so that they meet all legal requirements and enable you to manage risk as effectively as you can.


If you go ahead, please let us know and tell us how you get on. We’ll put you in touch with any other FoBs out there.


Download and read: Volunteering policy and procedure