Sweet Baby James — James Taylor

Charles Cowling


Celebrant Alison Jane Kirkham here wants this played at hers.

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David Holmes

Charles. Unbelievable! But then we know, some people just don’t get it eh?

james showers

I’ve loved this song for years – moves me to tears.
It’s tough to sing well, not just that I start weeping at its beauty, but difficult notes to hit too.
Isn’t he fab!
I’d have that at mine, if I die.


Thanks Alison – and thanks David and Belinda for reminding us of the lovely syrupy voice that is james Taylor singing some fab tracks – we all need a friend…

Belinda Forbes

Lovely – thank you Alison. And I love him singing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WJ1cf3nrLE
You’ve got a friend…

David Holmes

Arguably the best voice in popular music? Fire and Rain is one of my all time favourites. Written about the death of a close friend.