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andrew plume

Charles – I have to chip in here regarding our kind, generous and very cheap(sic)friends at f’care – their branch nearest to me, which constantly gets the run around by the independent competition, isn’t satisfied with the mauve shop front, nor the mauve signs on the forecourt, no they have a flag pole too with their logo on as well – pretty repellent I feel

At least this picture leaves you with no illusions about what you’re going to get if you walk through that door with your eyes open. They use their own name (for a change), and fill their window with black gravestones and posters about, presumably, things like funeral plans and “because we care” propaganda. No secrets in Consett, Co. Durham, then. Sad thing is, though, that still so many people don’t know there’s any alternative or, if they do, know where to look for it, or even have the energy and assertiveness to do so. They just assent to being treated… Read more »
Tony Piper

I’m looking forward to reading about the first ‘Sic In Transit’ Gloria!

Charles Cowling

A Reaper. That has a ring to it. Well, a knell. So does Gloria in Absentia – a choral ring. Good to have you back, GM!

gloria mundi

Pricelss. The ad agency has apologised, and removed it. Pity.
I’ve awarded them a Gloria in Absentia. Or maybe we should institute a new award – a Reaper.


Brilliant. If any try to escape, they won’t get far.